Frequently Asked questions


What is an escape room?

An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use clues and elements found in the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.

Do I need special knowledge or skills?

No, you don't! Everything you need to escape the room is located inside the room.

Do I get a prize for escaping?

Win, and you get glory and bragging rights! Win or lose, your adventure will be celebrated with a team photo that you will be able to download from our Facebook page. Beat the record, and land on our leader board!

If I don’t escape am I trapped forever?

No! The door will open after 60 minutes. (Actually, you're not really locked in at all.)

Will I be in the room with strangers?

If there are spots still open during your desired time there is a chance others will join your group. To fully ensure that your group will have the room to yourself you need to reserve all spots.

Do these games require much physical activity?

No, escape room games are exercises for the mind and not the body. All of the challenge revolves around working together to solve puzzles!

However, please be aware...

One of our rooms (The Toy Maker's Office) is located on the second floor and climbing a flight of stairs is required for participation.

What age is this appropriate for?

We recommend our escape room for ages 10 and up. Teens 15-17 will need a parent/guardian signature on their waiver. For kids younger than 14, we require adult supervision. Click here to print and sign the waiver beforehand.

Is this good for team-building?

Escape rooms are a great exercise in team building as they encourage team work in order to escape.

Are there bathrooms that we can use?

Yes! We have a bathroom if you need it before your game begins.

OK. How much is it?

Tickets are $25 per person. Click here to book your time slot.