your team

Friends, family members, dates, co-workers and, in some cases, complete strangers! Great for team building, Sunday afternoon with the family, or any time you'd like to get out and try something different.



Look around the room for anything that looks like a clue. Don't be shy! We'll provide you with the ground rules before you begin, but be sure to look over, under, and inside everything that isn't nailed down!

join the club

Well-hidden somewhere in the game is the exclusive invitation to become a member of The Moonlight Club. Find it, join the club, and you win the game!



solve puzzles

There are a variety of objects, gadgets, and clues hidden around the room. One clue leads to the next, so keep track of the details and don't forget to communicate with your teammates!


90 minutes

Can you solve the room in 90 minutes or less? Earn glory, bragging rights, and a place on our leader board.



get stuck?

Stumped? You're not the only one, but don't worry! There are "Minders" watching you at all times. Creeped out? Don't be. Just when you need it most, they may slip a note under the door and give you a hand to get things rolling again.


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